Raise More Shelter Funds; Get Found in Google; Issue 5
Subject: Raise More Shelter Funds; Get Found in Google; Issue 5
Send date: 2009-09-19 19:48:44
Issue #: 5
Friends of Bogart Computing's Free Websites for  Animal Welfare Groups Program
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CareSpaysPets.org Website Goes Live

care spays petsCARE (Community Action Relief Effort ) Spays Pets is a No Kill advocacy group in Lane County, OR. Their new website is now live at http://www.carespayspets.org.

Debi McNamara and her group provide free spay/neuter services to low income households.

AnimalSaver.org Website Goes Live

Chelmsford, MA middle school student Patrick Bauer-Blank wanted to help save animals, big and small."I saw how cruel people were to animals so I decided to take action. My friend Alyssa and I went on a search for people and we recruited other kids."

Patrick and his friends Alyssa, John and Nathan now run their new website AnimalSaver.org.

No doubt these kids will always be animal heros. I predict they will also grow up to be software programmers. Just as I would do, they're clicking every button in the administrator to see what it does. A good website must be destroyed so that it can be put back together -- stronger and healthier.

It's the $6 Million Man theory of web design. Patrick and friends -- you'll have to ask your mother (or, possibly your grandmother) what I'm talking about. Good luck you guys!



Free Brand New Dog Toys and Supplies from SmallDogMall.com

small dog toysSmallDogMall.com's owner Robin Weaver has a no-strings attached donation for the rescues on this mailing list. Small Dog Mall was the first internet store specifically dedicated to the needs of small and tiny dogs.

Her store's inventory includes dog toys, dog clothing (tiny dogs get cold!), incredibly adorable dog bedding, collars, and leashes, and much, much more doggy love.

jewish Meshugeneh dog toyI'm particularly fond of the Doggy Judaica. Seriously. How adorable is a Chihuahua in a Yarmulke? Also check out her Halloween Dog and Cat Toy Collection and Doggie Xmas Gifts.

Besides being lovely and talented, Robin is also generous. She has overstock inventory she would like to give to a shelter or rescue to use in a fundraising event.

I don't know what the items are. I do know everything she sells is high-quality and doggy-tested.

For more info contact Robin Weaver at (310) 399-7190, or visit the store's contact page.


How to Use Internet Networking to Raise More Shelter Funds

simple_social_network2Internet Marketing "2.0" uses the power of networks and word-of-mouth to get your message out. If you could ask the "whole" world for a donation, you would, right?

LinkedIn.com is specifically based on the idea of "Six Degrees of Separation." We all know each other through the people we already know. FaceBook and MySpace also allow you to connect with friends, and ultimately, to the friends of their friends.

The Web 2.0 world is huge. If you're like me -- over 40 years old -- it's also not all that intuitive. So you might start by creating an account at only one networking service. Which one will depend on which services your target market is using.

Mastering one world will have much higher payoffs than joining multiple communities with less understanding of how each one works. Master one.

Each of these websites has thousands of groups you can join.

LinkedIn attracts business more than social discussions. The users are educated, articulate and professional.

social-network2FaceBook started as a college photo sharing site. It is now a powerful marketing platform that allows you to target specific interest groups. FaceBook has a "Business Fan Page" feature that is definitely worth checking out.

MySpace was originally written to promote music, and is more popular with younger adults and children. Being a person of advanced age, I will never, ever, ever understand MySpace. I've stopped trying. But I DO know lots of people generate lots of business on MySpace.

Here are some resources to help you join, network and market on social networking sites:

The Facebook Marketing Toolbox: 100 Tools and Tips to Tap the Facebook Customer Base

Effective Marketing on LinkedIn

Using the Internet to Raise Funds and Build Donor Relationships: Tools, Tips and Techniques for Boosting Donations

Convio has an extensive, practical library on Techniques, tips and insights for nonprofit organizations that includes both off line and online networking and fundraising techniques.


Dogs 2nd Chance Rescue Video Profile Posted on Profiles in Caring

Profiles in Caring featured Linda Sutphin and Rhonda McKlemurray in a video program you can watch here. Linda does a great job explaining why people refuse to neuter their dogs in many southern states.

The video catches several dogs roaming highways, about to be hit by cars. The dog over-population problem in the south seems even worse than the cat overpopulation problem in New England.


How to Use Title Tags So Google Ranks More of Your Website's Pages

The "title" tag is the most important web page element for getting higher keyword rankings.

The "title tag" is not the "headline" at the top of the article. It's a tag embedded inside your page. It's meant for robots like Google's search engine to read, not for your readers.

You can see the "title tag" on any web page by looking at the very top left of your browser. Above the content, above the toolbars, above the menus, way, way way at the top of the software you use to view the internet. The title tag usually shows there as white text on a blue background, just to the right of the browser's logo.


How you add the title tag to your pages will depend on which version of Joomla you have and how it is setup. It will be in one of methods below. Play with these and refresh the affected page until you see which one your system has.

  • In the Content Items article "Title" input box
  • In the Menu Item "Page Title" input box

Many of you have sites that say ANIMAL SHELTER RESCUE FOSTER ADOPT in the home page title. Put a keyword-rich description of your shelter's mission here instead! Use the last method, above, to change that title.

Youre mileage is going to vary. It can be a real puzzle. I have to hunt and peck for the title tag every time I update a Joomla site. It's a weakness in the system. But the title tag is also the most important place to put your keywords if you want that page to rank on Google.

While you're in there, go to your article's Meta Information area to fill in the Meta Description and Meta Keywords input boxes.This will help with your Yahoo and Bing/MSN rankings. Google uses the description as the "text snippet" it shows along with the search result link for that page.

Tip: Use Google's Keyword tool to find out the keywords people really use on Google to find your website: https://adwords.google.com/select/KeywordToolExternal

Who Else Wants to Drink a Beer They Can Be Proud Of?

Animal Allies Sips for Strays at Milly's Tavern, Manchester, NH October 1, 2009

millys tavernQUESTION: What has 100 people, a pile of grateful animals, and 300 glasses of Milly's Tavern Special Brews?

Find out at AnimalAllies.org. Please join us on October 1 at 6pm, Milly's Tavern, 500 Commercial St., Manchester, NH.

To join the dozens of people marketing this event to reach the goal of 100 attendees, print, hand out and post the Sips for Strays marketing flyer (direct link http://www.animalallies.org/images/sipsforstrays500.jpg).


Best Head Out the Window Car Ride. Ever.

Rescue Me Labrador's Lisa Ahlgrim sent two rescues from Kentucky to New Hampshire during the "Pilots and Paws 5000." The Pilots and Paws goal was to transport 5,000 rescues from Sep. 12-20 2009.

Lisa rescues Labradors from high kill rescues. She sends them from Kentucky to New England.

Pilots and Paws is a volunteer organization that transports rescued animals to new homes.

Take a look at these maps to see their extraordinary network and reach (click image to see the rest of the maps):


(Photo from pilotsandpaws.org)



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Thank you for all of your hard work on behalf of our fuzzy friends.


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